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4483 CR 19, AUBURN, INDIANA 46706

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Why are we moving?

A ONE Schust company culture will allow us to improve efficiency, employee recruitment and retention by having a facility that is modern and up to date, and the opportunity to host customers and employees under one roof.  As we expand we are able to offer more opportunities for career growth.

When will we be moving to the building?

September 20-24:  Fort Wayne
September 27-30: Auburn North
October 11: Auburn South

Will existing office furniture be relocated?

We don’t anticipate relocating existing furniture.   Equipment and furniture that will not be moving to the new building will be for sale to employees. More details to come.

How will things in my work station be relocated?

  • You are responsible for moving your own office. This includes your computer but excludes furniture.  Furniture that will be moved to the new building will be tagged.  IMPORTANT…if you have safety concerns or are unable to lift boxes or monitors, please notify your manager to request assistance.
  • If you have a printer in your office don’t move it unless you have approval from your manager.
  • Although we certainly can buy moving boxes, let’s try to minimize the environmental impact by using unused boxes in the offices.  If you have boxes at home or can collect them from local stores, please bring them in to use.

What will be done with hard copy materials (i.e., old files, prints, etc.)?

Any hard copy materials that fall under legal, financial, and company retention policies will be packed and relocated to the new location.  Additional information will be distributed closer to the move-in date.

Will there be other tenants in the building?

Yes, we will share the building with two other tenants that have small portions of either side of the building.  However, tenants do not share spaces with one another.  To access these businesses you will need to exit and walk around the building to enter their offices.   Schust is the anchor tenant.

How many conference rooms will there be?

We will have two large conference rooms located on the first floor and a large training/conference room located on the second floor.   Extra offices are also available for use when conference rooms are full.  Additionally, areas are being designed into the layout for the purposes of promoting collaboration.

What is our new address?

4483 County Road 19, Auburn, Indiana 46706

What about my credit card?

The zip code and address associated with your credit card will not change until October 4th.

What should I do about my office key?

When you move out of your office, please give your Auburn North/South and Fort Wayne building key(s) to your manager.  All employees will get a new RFID badge that will serve as your new ‘key’ to access the new facility.  You will receive the badge upon move-in.

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