Common pitfalls companies face when choosing a dust collector

Common pitfalls companies face when choosing a dust collector

Recently, Powder Bulk Engineering magazine reached out to dust collector suppliers asking them, ‘What are some common pitfalls companies face when choosing a dust collector?‘ Ty Knox, Vice President of Engineering at Schust shared his expertise.

One common issue when selecting a dust collector is pushing air-to-cloth ratios to minimize the initial investment required, resulting in dust collection systems that are incorrectly sized, perform poorly, and require more frequent future filter replacements and maintenance.

A second issue I’ve noticed is companies viewing dust collection systems as secondary to the process, especially when dealing with explosive dust situations. Many times, the manufacturing process, facilities, and supporting infrastructure are finalized without considering dust collection needs. This can result in less than optimal performance, and increase the risks associated with explosive dust conditions.

If you need assistance with sizing your dust collection system or are considering changes to your current process, contact Schust today.

Schust’s response can be found in the Suppliers’ Tips section of the October 2019 Powder Bulk Engineering magazine. 

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