Design Engineer Joins Schust’s Engineering Team

Jacob Schmeling

Jacob Schmeling has joined Schust as Design Engineer.  Jacob will be a part of a growing team that contributes to the design and equipment layouts of dust collectors and ventilation projects.

Jacob graduated from Ohio State Spring 2020 with a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering.  “I look forward to tackling the unique set of challenges that designing ventilation solutions presents,” says Jacob.  “I see bountiful opportunities for growth at Schust that are only compounded by hands-on training and the experienced team of engineers and project managers.”

“Jacob is a well-rounded, inquisitive design engineer who is eager to utilize his education,” says Bill McCabe, Manager of Engineering. “He’s an excellent addition to the team that will be exposed to the practical and interactive aspects of engineering and design.”

Jacob is a native of Fort Wayne and he enjoys biking, cooking, and music with his wife, Ruiyu.

Connect with Jacob Schmeling on LinkedIn

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