Excessive Moisture in Dust Collector

A simple problem like moisture from the compressed air system, rainwater around seals, and process moisture; or combination of all 3 can impact multiple groups in a facility. Suddenly a dust collector becomes everyone’s problem. Regular preventative maintenance and inspections are important to catch dust collector problems. It may be months before another opportunity to inspect are available, and by then it could be too late to plan for success.

When excess moisture in a dust collector meets a dust that binds, like the finished cement shown in this picture, a host of consequences can occur.

  • Loss of surface area and increase in ΔP (Process)
  • Inability to remove cage from bag resulting in unplanned cage replacement (Procurement/Sourcing)
  • Increased weight on tube-sheet which can cause stress fractures (Maintenance)
  • Binding to the dust collector body which must be manually chiseled from inside the unit (Safety)
  • Longer than planned bag change duration (Production)

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