Make-up Air Systems

Air is complicated, but it’s critical to keeping your ventilation system balanced and operating as intended.  Schust has been uncomplicating air for nearly 100 years – measuring air being removed and sizing make-up air systems to return the required air back.

Don’t Risk the Wintertime Blues

Spring and Summer are ideal times of the year to move or change equipment. The facility doors are open and the fresh air is free to move. Although, come Fall and Winter the doors are closed to keep out the cooler temperatures. This can have a negative impact on the air balance inside as well as shutting off the supply of air your dust collectors need to move or transport dust out of the plant.

Possible Symptoms

  • When doors and windows are open the facility’s ventilation system and dust collectors have plenty of unrestricted air to work with, dust and emissions were at permissible levels. But when the doors are shut the restriction of air causes dust and emission exposures to increase.
  • You have dust collectors, but no make-up air returning air back into the building. Dust collectors and make-up air systems go together. Particularly in controlled environments one cannot be without the other.
  • Hoods stop pulling air out of the building when the doors are shut.

Treatment Plans Available

  • Audit all dust collectors including the measure and calculation of the amount of air being removed.
  • Size and determine the make-up air systems to provide the appropriate amount of air back into the facility.
  • Isolate operations by enclosing certain areas of processing to reduce the amount of air required to be brought back in.
  • Depending on the process, combination(s) of make-up air systems and isolation can balance the system and restore air quality.
Installed make up air system that provides proper air balance
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