Schust Air Pollution Control & Industrial Ventilation Solutions

Schust designs, builds, and installs air pollution control systems that exceed industrial environment expectations.

Engineering & Design

With skilled designers and P.E.s on staff, Schust provides engineering and design expertise that provides the most innovative solutions for the problems of industrial air pollution.

Ventilation Audits & Engineering Studies

At Schust, our proven industry experience in industrial ventilation means we can help you maximize system effectiveness.

Installation & Commissioning

Our supervised field crews specialize in dust collector erection and ventilation duct work that follow all current safety requirements and provide a modern, safe, and efficient work site.

Turnkey Project Management

The Turnkey Project Management from Schust is based around providing a solution rather than simply equipment.

Maintenance & Inspection

Schust preventive maintenance and inspection service keep air pollution control systems running.


Quality fabrication projects are completed in the areas of dust collectors, duct work, and other specialty fabrication.

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