Bottom Access Pulse Jet Bin Vent Baghouse

For applications requiring 17 to 432 ft2 of cloth area per unit with 3′, 4′, 6′, or 8′ long filter bags.

Schust™ LIBERATOR PVB Bottom Access Baghouse models ensure safe filter maintenance from silo-top elevation.

PVB bin vents incorporate a hinged access door with easy-grip zinc-plated handles allowing tool-less entry.

Our OEM venturi design maximizes cleaning potential ensuring pulse efficiency.

Emergency filter change-outs performed quickly regardless of the weather, making the Bottom Access Baghouse bin vent suitable for critical operations requiring minimal down time.

Additional Extended Features

  • Units install directly on bins and silos via the supplied flanged inlet. Ductwork is eliminated and installation expenses reduced.
  • The PVB series offers 17 to 432 ft2 of cloth area per unit with 3′, 4′, 6′, or 8′ long filter bags.
  • Economical solution to meet ever increasing regulatory requirements.
  • Welded 12 gauge carbon steel construction.
  • Operating temperatures to 275 °F.
  • Tuned pulse jet cleaning system with low compressed air requirements to save on energy costs.
  • Hinged Access door.

Comes Complete With

  • Self-supported 100% Polyester felt filters.
  • Rugged 12 wire filter support cages.
  • Programmable solid-state timer controls in a NEMA 4 enclosure. Prewired and programmed for continuous cleaning.
  • Wire mesh internal bottom grid.
  • Primed and painted with industrial grade enamel.

Operating Requirements:

  • 115 VAC, 60 Hz. single phase current required for sequence timer.
  • 90 to 100 PSIG clean, dry, uncontaminated compressed air supply.
  • NEMA 7 or 9 controls for potentially explosive environments.
  • Stainless steel construction.
  • Differential pressure gage.
  • Flanged outlet.
  • Exhaust weather hood with mesh protection.
  • Hopper configuration for remote installations.
  • System engineering and install services available.
  • Two (2) access doors available.
  • Pleated filters in lieu of bag filters.
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