Extended Pulse Jet Baghouse

For applications requiring 4,606 to 16,592 ft2 of cloth area per unit with 10′ or 12′ long filter bags.

Features like Schust™ exclusive Filter Fit System have been developed to provide a positive mechanical-assist seal at the tube sheet in all of our LIBERATOR Extended Pulse Jet Baghouse collectors.

An exacting, reinforced venturi and rolled bottom cup cage are stabilized to provide superior support, ensuring a focused, efficient pulse for accurate filter clean-down and performance, which counts the most for an Extended Pulse Jet Baghouse.

Additional Extended Features

  • Extended housing provides more filtering capacity for higher volume or extreme efficiency applications.
  • Modular design for application and volume flexibility.
  • Snap-in filter tube sheet design
  • Welded 10-gauge carbon steel construction
  • Operating temperatures to 275°F.

Comes Complete With

  • 100% polyester filters with a double-beaded stainless steel snap band
  • Rugged 12-wire filter support cages with reinforced integral venturi
  • Double diaphragm pulse valves and a compressed air manifold system with NEMA 4 solenoid pilot valve enclosures
  • Programmable solid-state timer controls in a NEMA 4 enclosure Pre-wired and set up for continuous cleaning.
  • A caged ladder and access platform are designed to meet OSHA safety requirements.
  • Structural steel support.
  • Primed and painted with industrial-grade enamel.
  • Bags can be changed and the unit maintained from the clean side of the collector housing. Operators are not in direct contact with toxic or valuable collected product.
  • The collector system can be located outside, not taking up prime production floor space.
  • Reclaimed product is protected from rain and snow during maintenance and inspections.
  • Emergency filter change-outs performed quickly regardless of the weather, making the walk-in plenum collector suitable for critical operations requiring minimal down time.
  • NEMA 7 or 9 controls for potentially explosive environments.
  • Stainless steel construction for corrosive applications.
  • Aramid, P84 (Polymide), PTFE Membrane, 100% White Teflon,
  • Polypropylene, Fiber Glass and other filter medias.
  • 500°F operating temperature configurations.
  • Explosion panels.
  • Custom discharge height.
  • Pressure readout gage.
  • Rotary valve or other specified discharge equipment.
  • Clean on demand controller.
  • System engineering and install services available.
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