Ventilation Solutions for Agriculture

Schust™ offers Ventilation and Dust Control Solutions for Agriculture, providing complete end-to-end consultation such as engineering and design, installation, and turnkey project management services for all agricultural dust control issues. Grain and feed operations, farms, elevators, corn, and oilseed processors have come to trust Schust for solving a variety of industrial ventilation and processing application challenges, such as:

  • Truck and rail loading and unloading
  • Conveying
  • Storage
    • Silos
    • Bin vents
  • Milling, flaking, and sorting
  • Dryer and process exhaust
  • Co-generation exhaust
  • Dust collectors
    • Cyclones
    • Reverse air
    • Pulse-jet

Helping Grain Facilities Be Safe

At Schust, we help owners take it step-by-step. Schust has been helping facility owners and operators safely mitigate combustible dust in their ventilation systems for decades. Click to learn how Schust can help with MITIGATING COMBUSTIBLE DUST and what to do with your process afterwards.

Design and Engineering Experience

With nearly 100 years of in-house dust control experience, Schust can provide in-depth ventilation audits and engineering studies of your facility that provide a range of best-in-class ventilation and dust control solutions for agriculture.

At Schust, we understand that juggling multiple subcontractors is an inefficient way to manage the installation of air pollution control (APC) systems. Our engineering experts can develop a detailed design from the foundation to the top of the stack. With in-house professional engineers and controls specialists, you have one point of contact for your entire system.

Schust can offer our own line of engineered baghouses or work with your preferred supplier to keep bags and cages uniform throughout the facility.

Turnkey Installation Service and Project Management

The Schust fabrication facility can build and ship an entire air pollution control system.

Schust’s experienced installation and service teams can tackle any size project, from small standard dust collectors to systems requiring 1.5 million scfm of custom-designed dust collectors. They excel in ventilation and dust control solutions for agriculture.

Customers trust the Schust expert millwright service for their readiness to respond to small projects, including ductwork and conveyor modifications, grain spouts, support steel, and platforms.

With a turnkey project management service provider for your entire agriculture ventilation system, you can be confident that your permit requirements are met and there will be no miscommunication between integrators, OEMs, and installers. The Schust turnkey project team is trained and equipped to start up an APC system, confirming that the system is operating as intended.

  • Soybean Processing:
    • Flaking Building Aspiration System
    • Truck Dump Aspiration
    • Rail Load Out Aspiration
    • Scalper Aspiration System
  • Dry Grind Ethanol:
    • CO2 Scrubber Duct Work Design
  • Corn Wet Milling:
    • Coal Cogeneration Baghouse Design and Installation
  • Grain Handling:
    • Corn Truck Dump Aspiration
    • Grain Spouts
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