Respirable Crystalline Silica

Your Ventilation Partner for Silica

When your plant facility is affected by respirable crystalline silica emission exposures, it is important to determine that your ventilation systems are operating as intended.  Schust™ will work in conjunction with your industrial hygienist and IH audits to design a system that reduces worker’s silica exposure.

With nearly four centuries of combined experience, Schust™ has the experience and know-how to help get industrial facilities with harmful emission exposures on the path to meeting their compliance goals one step at a time.


Your-Ventilation-Partner-silica-inspectionSchust™ provides general maintenance and inspection services that maximize your ventilation systems.  Schust™ technicians visually inspect the current physical condition of dust collector(s) and system components.

  • Tubesheet layout drawings are provided and indicate location of any defects or leaking filter media
  • Technicians document the system air volume, static and velocity pressure, and filter pressure drop.
  • A Schust™ technician provides the plant facility with a list of recommended repairs.
  • Schust™ recommends that Inspections be scheduled on a regular basis

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Your-Ventilation-Partner-silica-plant-ventilation-auditKnowing how your plant ventilation systems are operating gives plant managers and employees the insight and confidence needed to make responsible adjustments and repairs.  Schust™ plant ventilation audits take an in-depth view of how your facility’s dust collection and ventilation systems are operating.

During a plant ventilation audit, knowledgeable Schust™ technicians will visually observe and document:

  • Material handling methods
  • Employee movement
  • Access requirements
  • Potential exhaust enclosure limitations
  • Cataloging the existing ventilation equipment and dust collection systems
  • Airflow testing to determine operating performance

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Your-Ventilation-Partner-silica-engineering-studyThe Schust expert team understands that operations change.  We review plant ventilation audit data to recommend system adjustments or new designs that will support your ventilation goals.

The Schust technical and engineering experts will suggest possible process changes or upgrades to dust collection equipment and air make-up systems:

  • Recommend improvements for any emission capture such as OSHA rule 1910.1053 respirable crystalline silica
  • Provide volume requirement changes needed to control the process
  • Develop CAD drawings of hood concepts and duct schematics

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A few industries with exposure risk to respirable crystalline silica

  • Foundry
  • Asphalt
  • Frac & Sand
  • Concrete
  • Glass
  • Ceramics
  • Stone

*Schust™ is not an industrial hygienist company and recommends consulting with an industrial hygienist that is qualified to perform any applicable IH audits. 

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