Engineering and Design

With skilled designers and Professional Engineers (PE) on staff, Schust™ provides the most extensive engineering and design expertise that provides the most innovative solutions for the problems of industrial air pollution.  Schust™ knows the unique challenges your industry faces today.   Engineering and design of an optimized air pollution control system requires the consideration of a wide range of environmental and economics factors.  At Schust™, our proven industry experience and broad capabilities mean we can assist you with the selection and design of effective air pollution control systems.

Schust™ Expertise Includes:

  • Technology Qualification & Selection for your Application
  • Effective System Sizing & Design
  • Project Facilitation

From concept to completion, Schust™ will have the performance of your next dust collector, air quality, or industrial ventilation project exceeding your expectations.

Distributing air flow as evenly as possible across a fume collection hood

Often Air Pollution Control (APC) designers are faced with the task of distributing air flow as evenly as possible across a fume collection hood face.  Simple hoods with no distribution can produce high velocities at the center of the hood which is good to collect emissions centered on the hood but not so good for collecting emissions generated at the edge of the hood.  To distribute and better equalize the flow across the hood width, a slotted plate baffle is commonly used.  See Fig 1.

Designers should consider using bar-sized structural steel shapes to create the reduction in cross sectional area.  This is often less expensive than a plate with slotted holes and provides the greatest amount of coverage across the hood width by allowing a free-flowing streamline to develop along the hood wall.  See Fig 2., an affordable, better design.

Figure 1 and Figure 2

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